May 29, 2009

goody giveaway no. 6

One lucky reader will be the winner of these two sets of gift tags from Paper Relics. I really love these tags and am particularly partial to the tag with the proper looking gal with antlers that reads: 'I miss you deerly dearly'

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|| Please leave a comment answering the following:
Who was your biggest childhood crush, celebrity or otherwise?

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|| Giveaway is open until midnight on Friday, June 5, 2009 .
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In the interest of full disclosure, my big crush as a kid was Tom Cruise. Let me just add this was during his Top Gun days. Since repeatedly seeing that Oprah clip of him jumping on the couch, I've often wondered how I ever thought I would marry that guy. There was also this boy named Matthew that I rode the school bus with, what a dreamboat! I remember following him around announcing that we would get married someday and that he secretly loved me. Who knew a seven year old could have such confidence?

Many thanks to my new swap friend, Hope, for hosting this lovely giveaway!


  1. oh man, mine was joe mcintyre from new kids on the block! my room was plastered with photos of him from Bop! and Tiger Beat. debating whether to go to one of their comeback concerts, but pretty sure it could never be the same as it was to my 10 year old heart. :)


  2. Haha, I was going to say exactly the same thing: Tom Cruise, Top Gun. Wow, so hot. That was about age 12, or maybe earlier...But my first real celeb crush was Rod Stewart, that song "Some guys have all the luck" and he was dancing on a checkered floor. I was 5!

  3. My celebrity crush when I was 10 years old was Shaun Cassidy. I had it bad! I used to cry about him, try to call him in LA with a friend of mine, had every record, and loved him with all of my 10 year old soul. It was an unrequited love, so eventually, I took all of the album covers out back and shot them up with my brothers' BB gun. Is that bad?

  4. Ok, I will certainly show my age, but my first celebrity crush around the age of 11, was pretty much the entire cast of Charlie's Angels. If I had to pick my favorite, it would have to be Farah Fawcett. They even had trading cards. The new movies are not bad, and I want the director McG's job.

  5. Great giveaway!

    I had a shrine to Jordan Knight from NKOTB. I was in loooove. We were gonna get married. It was a beautiful thing.

  6. I had the BIGGEST crush on a boy at my nursery school. I remember following him around and playing with the toys he was interested in. He did come over once - but he got sick of playing "He-Man" and having to rescue me.

  7. Oh I loved Tom Cruise when I was a kid, all the way up to about Interview with the Vampire days. It’s pretty weird how I think he’s soooo creepy now.

    That love was quickly replaced with Heath Ledger from 10 Things I Hate About You.
    Here’s my blog post about this giveaway.


  8. i had a big girl crush on jacqueline kennedy onassis. i hankered after the many biographies of her at the library when i was younger. she was beautiful, independent, canny, gracious... & i aspired to be just like her.

  9. i had a tom cruise crush as well but my first BIG one was JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) from Home Improvement. I had an entire wall dedicated to pictures of him and i would kiss this one giant poster every night before i went to bed!

    haha its kinda fun to think back about that time & how my parents always gave me such a hard time (outta love, of course) my JTT obsession turned into a Leo (Titanic days) obsession & then ultimately an NSync domination of my freshman year in high school. ah if i only knew then what i know now!

    thanks for sharing :)

  10. In junior high (and kinda still) I had a huge crush on Rory Cochrane from Empire Records and more recently CSI: Miami and "24".

    Thank you!

  11. I hope I win this time (fingers crossed)

  12. I had a major celebrity crush on Jonathan Brandis (of the TV Star-Trek look alike under water version show I can't even remember the name of) and Brad Renfro (who plays a kid version of Brad Pitt in one movie yet I can't seem to remember the title of)..and oddly, both of them have passed away now in such a young age. >shudder< but other crush including the crews of Backstreetboys and of course, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. (Where is he now?)

  13. Mentioned at my post today!

  14. I love all of these comments, so much fun reminiscing.

    Kelly: You should totally rally up a bunch of your gal pals and hit up NKOTB live. It may not be quite the same as when you were 10, but I'm sure it would be crazy fun all the same.

    Cameron: I'm still laughing at the thought of you shooting up your Shaun Cassidy records with a BB gun. Classic!

    Andy: I can totally understand your Farrah Fawcett infatuation. She was always my favorite Angel. :)

    diysara: I used to play He-Man and She-Ra with my neighbor. It never lasted long - those stupid figures could barely bend, let alone save the world.

    bekah: from JTT to JT, excellent taste. ;)

    babalisme: Very eerie that both the objects of your affection are no longer here. I always thought Brad Renfro was cutie too...

  15. I did have a thing for girly-boys like Shaun Cassidy and Mark Hamill. I should have crushed on Parker Stevenson and Harrison Ford instead, as they both have aged much better.

    But the love of my life was... Donny Osmond. We both loved purple, loved to sing, and we even share the same birthday! We were meant to be together for sure.

    Ah those innocent times. Now I crush on Daniel Craig. I don't want to think what that says about me ;)

  16. Ooh cool! I just realized I get an extra chance to win for a tweet. I did a RT just cause this was fun ;)

    Carina, who do you crush on now? Husbands and significant others don't count.

  17. I love these comments. Wow, lots of love for Tom Cruise! :) In recent pics, he seems to be getting some hotness back after a few recent odd years.

    Mine was Scott Baio when he was a bit more grown up in Happy Days/Joannie Loves Chacchi. Gawd, how I envied Erin Moran. hehe

  18. My biggest crush growing up was David Cassidy from the Partridge family. I liked older guys. It was funny; when I was 18 and living in NYC, it turned out that we had the same chiropractor and I used to run into him in the waiting room. I just would freeze. I couldn't say anything. He would always come there with his wife. Argh.

  19. Goodness! Mine was Ricky Schroder (Now that he's a serious actor, he prefers to be called Rick Schroder.) He used to be on the show Silver Spoons. He rode around on a toy train and had a cool mansion. I thought he was hot! I wanted to marry him. Thank goodness I didn't because he looks a little wizened these days. ;)

  20. Mine was a toss up between Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin - what I was like 11 at the time what did you expect? My teenage years were however filled with yearings for WB (now called the CW) boys: Joshua Jackson from Dawson's Creek and Brendan Fehr from Roswell. I like a quick witted bad boy, who doesn't?!

    Oh, and the underwater show was called SeaQuest. Ahh, the memories...

  21. John Travolta. And the funny thing is that my youngest daughter's crush is him too. So we just laugh and watch his movies and :)

  22. When I was young, I had the biggest crush on Michael J. Fox. I wrote "I (heart) MJF" all over my notebooks, diary, and anywhere I could. Hey, it was the '80s...

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