March 30, 2011

chalk it up to creative genius

Portland illustrator, Mary Kate McDevitt designs and creates the coolest chalkboards in the universe. I'm just plain smitten with her hand lettering and unique designs. A marriage of to-do lists and modern slates, sign me up! Although, it must be said, my mundane lists would look so much more appealing written in her knockout handwriting...

{all images via mary kate mcdevitt}

March 23, 2011

how to build community

{click image to enlarge}

Our pals at Blue Barnhouse are working on a new card that, simply put, makes my heart happy. How To Build Community is currently available as a poster in the Blue Barnhouse shop and will soon be available as a card. While we're on the topic, I'd like to send some well wishes to BBH as they prepare to make the arduous journey of moving their letterpress studio from Asheville to Wilmington, NC in June. Moving a printing studio is hard work, y'all they need all the good ju-ju they can get!

{image via blue barnhouse}

March 17, 2011

japan on our minds, in our hearts

TOTA Press has put together two "thousand cranes" special edition card designs. All proceeds benefit the American Red Cross to support disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific. To quote Tota Press: "Senbazuru - or one thousand cranes - is a tradition of folding 1,000 origami cranes to grant a wish, such as wishing for a speedy and solid recovery." I can't think of a better sentiment...

I also encourage you to take part in the For Japan with Love disaster relief effort organized by Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours - tomorrow will be a day of silence in the blog community in an effort to respect and acknowledge the current devastation in Japan. You can also get involved by donating to Shelter Box. Every penny makes a difference.

Sending much hope and love to my friends in Japan, Ruriko and Tadayoshi & Maggie and Andy...

{via anthology magazine}

March 9, 2011

creative crush: little red fox

{handmade awards}

{"nerds are beautiful" set}

{vintage bow tie notecard set}

{sticker pack of very unusual girls}

{shine your light magnets}

I'm really loving the illustrative style of Little Red Fox. The "Nerds are Beautiful" bookmark and bookplate set first caught my eye and suddenly I realized her shop was filled with goodies that I covet. I particularly have my sights set on the trompe l'oeil polka bot bow tie tee. Wouldn't it look smashing with some bright tights and a vintage blazer?

{all images via little red fox}

March 4, 2011

wrap up: 2011 valentine card swap

banner by megan of meg ruth
card by kamal of kamal
card by victoria of paper & type

card by tara of ephemera
card by allison of igloo press
card from meredith by starshaped press

garland by molly of charlotte's fancy
valentine by lila of daily calligraphy
valentine by paloma of paper garland

card by jill of jill k. in la
card by melanie of grey moggie
garland by claudia

The swap this year was tremendous fun! Over 125 people signed up and sent Valentine cards to new friends near and far. The above photos are just a fraction of the amazing goodies that filled my mailbox. A million thanks to everyone that took the time to send cards.

I'm already scheming on the 2012 swap - I've talked with a couple of awesome boutiques about sponsoring some Valentine card giveaways for participants next year. One thing I know for sure, it will be bigger and better than ever. Until January, my friends...

{all images by crow and canary}

March 1, 2011

a well suited line.

I'm the first to admit I am vaguely obsessed with color, however I can't help but be drawn to the lovely simplicity of Suitor's black and white stationery. What they lack in color, they certainly make up for in pattern and texture. And really, who's not a sucker for a gorgeous envelope liner? If you're looking to treat yourself, Suitor also offers ultra elegant personalized stationery and calling cards.

{all images via suitor}