August 25, 2009

heart of glass

{plates, decanter & glasses by marywibis}

Two things I swoon over, peacock feathers and dishes. Seriously, I obsessively collect vintage dishware. This weekend was an estate sale bonanza and I was completely in heaven.

{via bonbon rose}

August 21, 2009

birthday card pick no. 4

{card & image via two trick pony}

Most everyone knows what a major crush I have on Two Trick Pony. More C&C love for the pony duo here & here.

goody giveaway no. 8 {birthday edition}

Here it is! A bonanza of paper goods to delight any afficianado of stationery.

Boxed holiday set from Cartolina Cards
Boxed thank you set from Cecily Ink
Coaster set from Letterary Press
Pencil Box from Nooworks
Favor box from Treeo Design
Assorted gift enclosures from Owen Says

Individual cards from:
Egg Press
Oddball Press
Foxy & Winston
Lark Press
Ella Studio
Red Bat Press
Paper + Cup Design
Andy Pratt Design

To enter to win:

|| Please leave a comment answering the following:
What's your all time favorite thing to do on your birthday?

|| Anonymous comments will be disqualified.

|| Giveaway is open until midnight on Friday, August 28th, 2009 .
Winner will be chosen by and announced the following day.

|| One comment per person, unless... Hey, want an extra chance to win?
Blog and/or tweet about our giveaway and post an additional comment with the link.

{image by crow & canary}

August 20, 2009

birthday card pick no.3

{card and image via sycamore street press}

Because this is just freaking funny.

August 19, 2009

paperista pen pal league: paper pastries

{ice cream card}

{i left my heart in portland card}

{happy birthday card}

I've been reading the Paper Pastries blog since discovering it at the start of summer. I absolutely adore Margaret's blog and feel like we have many of the same interests and of course, a passion for paper and stationery shops! Last week, I proposed a paper swap by post and was excited to hear that she was game. I sent her a package of treats from my extensive collection of stationery and she sent me a package from her new line of paper goods. Margaret's package arrived in an adorable pink bakery box with her logo hand stamped on the lid. The delectable cards and labels enclosed, had me feeling like I'd just devoured a red velvet cupcake. So sweet! Oh, and if you love the "I left my heart in Portland" card as much as I do, be sure to check out her etsy shop for other cities.

P.S. I'm looking for more folks to join the newly minted paperista pen pal league, I had so much fun getting Margaret's goodies together that I'm ready to reprise the role. And I mean really, who doesn't love to get a little package now and again?

{all image via paper pastries}

August 18, 2009

birthday card pick no.2

{card and image by simple song's etsy shop}

Isn't this a beauty? Everything that Simple Song designs has this "oh-my-goodness-i-need-that" feel to it. I'm all for things that give me the urge to play make-believe librarian too.

August 17, 2009

narcissism be thy name.

{card by wiley valentine}

I usually shy away from talking up my birthday. I've never been much of a party planner and more often than not, let things just play out naturally. Which can sometimes turn out a bit, well... lackluster. My birthday is this upcoming Saturday, August the 22nd and I've decided to not only make a big deal about it in this little blog, but to give someone else the opportunity to score some schwag in the honor of my big (or historically speaking, not so big) day.

The rest of the week I'm going to be featuring birthday cards I'd love to give or receive. And of course details on the big birthday booty giveaway. It's gonna be a doozy...

{image via
wiley valentine}

{shop} portland: tilde

{bud vases by mudpuppy, print by jessica gonacha}

{jewelry by cursive design}

{art by michele maule}

{belts by obi design}

{prints by jessica gonacha}

Tilde is a gorgeous shop located in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland. The owner hand-picks small design companies and independent artist's goods for the shop. I must say, her curatorial skills are rather amazing - I find it near to impossible to enter this shop without exiting with a new beloved purchase in hand. Most recently, these swoon-worthy earrings from Cursive Design in grey.

Truly a must stop shop for the perfect gift for a friend, or yourself!

August 11, 2009

stop-motion paper dream notion

I'm not usually much for video posts, but this was so perfect I simply had to share it. My desire for a closet full of paper apparel is suddenly enormous...

"If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time." Marcel Proust

{via mirabel press' blog}

August 5, 2009

la mart wrap up

{crow and canary's booth at the la mart temporary showrooms}

{gorgeous flower arrangement by the incomparable megan of ghost academy. seriously, could this lady be any more talented?}

{hammocks & high tea's line of organic cotton and hemp tea towels and pillows}

{goodies from ink & paper, oddball press and jezebel}

{mulberry paper lamps by daylight wasting time and papergoods from cartolina}

Anyone that's exhibited at a trade show or craft show understands the importance of good neighbors. I sincerely couldn't have asked for better people to be surrounded by in Los Angeles!

{image via gogogear}
Having a booth directly across from gogogear was a challenge. I'm a real sucker for luxury leather goods and I spent more time than I should admit debating over which bag I should make my very own. I settled on the above beauty and couldn't be more pleased with my decision. This baby is a looker and has roller wheels. What more can girl ask for?

{image via yesterday's best}
Julie and Shelby of Yesterday's Best were very fun to chat with. Their line of hand-glittered nostalgic imagery cards are breathtaking in person. These ladies have over 500 cards in their collection, and claim that glitter has made its way onto nearly every object they own.

Leah of Pressed Ink, completely embodied the perfect booth neighbor. Pressed Ink is a modern line of paper goods, specializing in lovely monogrammed notecards and notepads. The line was recently featured in People magazine.

Michele and Suzie held down the fort at Xela Aroma. They had the sweetest smelling booth featuring reed diffusers and soy candles. Michele was the unofficial DJ for our aisle and I loved watching her channel Ellen DeGeneres's with her awesome dance moves.

{all image from crow and canary, unless otherwise noted}