February 27, 2009

the glamour ant

Jezebel's line of stationery, totes and apparel already have quite a following. The newest addition, Vagabond Picnic, is a 3-piece, 14k rose gold collection of jewelry. Lucky for you, dear reader, the this is glamourous blog is featuring a Vagabond Picnic giveaway this week. Best of luck!

{photo via this is glamorous}

February 26, 2009

and the winner is...

The lovely Kierstin, of KB Design Stage, was drawn as our giveaway winner for the Tenth & Grant notebook. Thanks to everyone that entered and be sure to check back, as we're scheming on a whole slew of awesome giveaways. We will also be doing a few special giveaways just for our Twitter friends. You can follow our Tweets here, if you want to be kept in the loop.

Just in case you're curious, here's the winner's post - she's got an incredible memory!

1st 8 TRACK: ABBA!!!!I think I picked it from the Columbia * track of the month club..eeesh

1st 45: Puppy Love

1st album: Pat Benatar and Grease!!9th Birthday!

1st cassette? Stevie Nicks my Uncle bought it for me for Christmas one year- probably in a bargain bin.

1st CD: the Eurythmics

1st MP3:Jane Siberry

February 24, 2009

audio antiquities

{Julia Juliette}

{Owen Says}

{Cracked Designs}

{Ghost Academy}
In honor of our giveaway question: What was your very first record, cassette or CD? - it only seemed fitting to feature some of the great paper goods that pay hommage to said devices and mediums.

February 23, 2009


{SpellitOut Designs}

{Urban Outfitters}

I've had a fondness for chalkboards since grade school. My best friend, Kathleen, had an enormous vintage piece that was the center of our imaginary classroom. I still wish that it were my very own.

SpellitOut Design's vinyl decal chalkboard is a pretty good second best to my childhood obsession. I am a compulsive list maker and this would be the perfect venue for more to-do lists. The candle would be a great alternative to place cards for a dinner party, or just a fun gift for your doodle-bug friends.

{candle found via Celestefrittata}

February 22, 2009

the eyes have it

{Lisa Jones Studio}

{Nicole Gastonguay}

I've been meaning to post about Lisa Jones' cards since the inception of my blog. Discovering the work of Nicole Gastonguay was an excellent reminder. It's really quite a simple equation: eyes + inanimate object = awesome. I'd like to add that the two cards above were gifted to me from the ever-lovely Jennifer of Prize in Ashland, Oregon. You, must, must, must visit her shop if you are in the area. It is exactly what I would aspire to if I were on the retail side of the biz.

February 20, 2009

par avion galore

Yesterday I received tons of new product in the post. I thought it was only right to share some of the treasures here.

1. New notebooks from 9SpotMonk. Perfect for your pocket or purse. Over ten styles to choose from.
2. Northern Night Lights hand crafts these beautiful mulberry paper lamps. Made from sustainable materials in the US.
3. Just added Oddball Press to our
repertoire and am I ever pleased! The designs are so whimsical and I adore the letterpress envelopes that accompany each card.

{images by crow & canary}

February 18, 2009

goody giveaway no. 1

We are so very excited to announce Crow & Canary's inaugural goody giveaway... A recycled notebook from Portland's own Tenth & Grant. These are a hot commodity, not only are they totally eco-friendly the designs are to die for. Let us not forget to mention the grid interior, which really seals the deal.

:: To enter, leave a comment on this post that answers the question:
What was your very first record/cassette/cd?

:: Anonymous comments will be disqualified.

:: Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.

:: You have until midnight on February 25, 2009 to post your comment.
Winner will be chosen by random.org and announced the following day.

:: One comment per person, unless... Hey, want an extra chance to win?
Blog or tweet about our giveaway and post an additional comment with the link.

{photos via buyolympia.com}

February 16, 2009

bike stalkers unite!

This is such a clever gem. B and I are always gushing about the sweet rides we see on the streets of Portland. Now we have a way to award our top picks and with style. Check out Heroes & Criminals etsy shop for this and other great goodies.

a cup of jo}

February 15, 2009

green with envy

I'm a bit of a Frye fanatic. I still have a pair of knee-high lace up Frye's that belonged to my mom in the early 70's. These little beauty's are on my wish list, big time.

February 13, 2009

am i the last to know?

The new Orla Kiely for Target line was introduced earlier this month. Just another reason to love Target and their licensing deals. Guess I know where I'll be shopping this weekend.

v-day pick: no. 4

Maybe it's the crazy dog lady coming out in me, but I can't help but swoon over a sweet canine card. Pearl & Marmalade have scored extra points in naming this design 'Rawhide Regards'.

February 11, 2009

v-day pick: no.3

Ghost Academy has an incredible selection of love cards. This card in particular absolutely takes the cake. It's precisely the card I'd like to receive on Valentine's day. 

February 10, 2009

v-day pick: no.2

Another favorite, the distinctive designs of Red Cap Cards. If you haven't visited their website yet you must absolutely do so, now. It's okay, I'll wait...

Totally worth it, right? It's on my top five list of coolest websites on the planet.

February 9, 2009

v-day pick: no.1

I think this is one of the sweetest sentiments, combined with the medium I can't imagine a more perfect love card. Artist, Rob Ryan, has a shop in London aptly named Ryantown. I guarantee that it will be on my list of destinations on my next trip to the UK. If you are still on the search for a valentine gift take a gander at his etsy shop.

gnome wallpaper from owen says

Gnome cards, bookmarks and pins have been some of Owen Says' most popular items. How fitting that their foray into adorable, did I mention free?, desktop calendars would feature these rascally little buggers. Get yours here.

February 5, 2009

introducing: mudflap girl 2.0

While in Los Angeles last month, I spotted this decal on the back of a truck on the 405. I was instantly smitten and wondered how I'd ever track it down. Serendipitously, I found it the very next day while meeting with a buyer at the legendary Book Soup. Want one of your own? Check out the Smart Mudflap Girl website.

February 2, 2009

bird badge from b

On Portland's first snowy day, my mister and I braved the Super Colossal Holiday Sale. We immediately found Moth & Squirrel's booth and I fell head over heals for all of their wares. I made a comment about how lovely their custom name tags were and wondered about getting one made for my next trade show. B obviously made a mental note, as my arrival home last week greeted me with the most perfect gift. I'll only have to resist wearing it before my next show...