April 30, 2009

i heart vena cava

{plaster cast anatomical heart by something's hiding in here}

{notecard by farouche}

{hand screenprinted tee by peanutbutterandyelly}

My love of anatomical hearts as art objects began with one of the first gifts my mister ever bestowed upon me. An intricate, artisan-made lapel pin that I wore on my jacket. Sadly, my tiny heart was lost on vacation, a few summers back and I still lament it's absence.

It would have been some consolation if I'd managed to snag one of the plaster hearts that something's hiding in here produced in limited edition this Valentine's Day. Seriously, everything they design makes my heart skip a beat. The brains behind mustache on a stick is number one in my book.

April 29, 2009

mother's day pick: no. 3

Love this card from Greenwich Letterpress...
* but I don't know how and I might hurt myself and then you would have to take care of me and it's Mother's Day and that's just not fair

{image via Greenwich Letterpress blog}

April 28, 2009

swedish silverado

Seriously coveting these amazing sandals by Swedish Hasbeens.

April 27, 2009

mother's day pick: no. 2

If for some unknown reason you aren't immediately captivated by this card by Jezebel, perhaps I should take a moment to share the title of this miniature masterpiece: 'One day Blanche birthed a mad, bad bibliophile'. Totally smitten? Get yours here.

Also - today we announced the winners of goody giveaway no.4

April 23, 2009

mother's day pick: no. 1

A pretty little ditty from Smock Paper. This company incorporates gorgeous envelope liners with all their offerings and they're the first and only US print shop to print on luxe bamboo paper. Smock Paper is also associated with two legendary companies; the owners also operate Boxcar Press, one of the go-to print shops and Smock's designer is Amy Graham Stigler of Snow & Graham fame.

{image via Smock Paper's etsy site}

April 22, 2009

reclamation nation

{'lost and found' stool by & made via haute*nature}

{recycled skateboard jewelry by 2ReVert}

{recycled wine oak cabinet by Cliff Spencer}

{reclaimed sailboat sail tote and luggage tag by Reiter8}

In honor of Earth Day, a few of my eco-friendly picks.

April 21, 2009

{shop} los angeles: yolk

{tray by Marimekko | cutting board by ISAK}

{birds of a feather mobile by Ige Design}

{hand-painted 'bloks' by Rebekah Potter}

{van bank by Dutch designers Pakhuis Oost}

Yolk, located in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, is not to be missed for those who fancy themselves a fan of Scandinavian Design. There's definitely something for everyone in this well-appointed shop. Luckily, for all of us not residing in Southern California, Yolk is in the midst of building up their online offerings. Hooray for e-commerce!

April 15, 2009

frolicking in grey gardens

Any self-respecting Grey Gardens fan will come right our and tell you that they cringed at the thought of Drew Barrymore portraying Little Edie Beale. Well, I'm here to tell you, she actually killed it.

I scored a pass to see HBO's new adaptation of Grey Gardens last night at Century Cinemas in Los Angeles. I was completely mesmerized. The costumes, sets and character likeness' were spot on. I captured a few screen shots to share from my iPhone. Ssshhh, don't tell HBO - the film doesn't premiere on cable until Saturday.

April 14, 2009

the obsession begins.

currentlly coveting

Sure, I've heard of Polyvore. I just hadn't quite bargained on the ridiculous sense of accomplishment one might feel in creating these digital collages. So, behold, my first effort. I get the feeling it won't be my last. Polyvore is sure to rank high in my procrastination toolbox for a spell. I'll try to keep the posting to a minimum. Thankfully they aren't featuring fine paper goods, uh are they?

April 13, 2009

goody giveaway no. 4

{update: winners announced}

|| monster notebook || Bekah

|| woodgrain notebook || Hello Victory

|| tech drawing notebook || Sparkle Island
I've decided to switch things up a bit for this giveaway. Seraph designs and prints these gorgeous letterpress notebooks, they also make perfect sketchbooks. They will be randomly given to three of our blog followers. So you're probably thinking - what do I actually have to do? If you're a current follower of this blog, absolutely nothing. If you're not following crow and canary yet - what the heck are you waiting for? This is your chance to win cool swag and keep up to date on a peachy-keen blog. Three followers of this blog will be randomly chosen and announced on April 27th.

{images by crow and canary}

April 12, 2009

l'oeuf moderne

Drilled eggs by Franc Grom {image via momeld}

Paper napkin decoupage eggs {via Martha Stewart}

Glam eggs {via flickr}

Cadbury creme felt egg {via etsy}

Happy Easter - or as I've begun referring to it 'Spring Halloween' .

April 7, 2009

paper crave guest post

Paper Crave has been one of my favorite blog reads, since its inception in 2006. I was totally thrilled when Kristin contacted me about writing a post for her readers, what an honor! Part One, which posted today, is an explanation of a rep's duties. Part Two, will include answers to my most frequently asked industry-related questions. If you have a question you'd like answered, please leave a comment here.

{image via west coast crafty}

April 6, 2009

aviary antics

My new friend, John, sent me this fantastic comic that was inspired by my company name. I can't imagine receiving anything more lovely in my email inbox! John is not only a talented illustrator, he's also the creator of Northern Nightlights by Daylight Wasting Time. He's making his debut at the National Stationery Show this May, don't forget to check out booth 1548 if you're going to be at the show.

April 4, 2009

egg press sample sale: sunny side up

I've been to several of Egg Press' sample sales and never walk away empty handed. We're talking $1 a piece for their gorgeous cards! If you live in the Portland area, or will be in town, it's definitely worth your time to stop by. Be sure to wish them a happy anniversary, if you do - 2009 is their 10th year in business!

Thurs, April 9: 10am-7pm || Fri, April 10: 10am-7pm || Sat, April 11: 10am-2pm

939 SE Alder Street, Unit 1 Portland, OR 97214

{image via egg press}

April 3, 2009

united states of cupcakes

I don't usually think of myself as a patriot, but I do firmly believe it's unamerican to feel apathy or, worse yet, disgust for cupcakes. Just saying... You know who you are.

I had the divine pleasure of eating a snickerdoodle cupcake from Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle today. They are one of my all time favorite cupcake destinations. Needless to say, this baby did not disappoint. I'm not even a huge snickerdoodle lover, turns out it tastes even better in cupcake form. But, seriously - doesn't everything?

{image via flickr}

winner of goody giveaway no. 3

Congratulations to Stephanie of Pins and Needles. Thanks to all that took time to comment!

April 2, 2009

retail therapy

I splurged and bought this luscious green tote by Latico today. I only wish I had this Comme des Garcon wallet in electric blue, to slip into my new bag. sigh... a girl can dream.

April 1, 2009

goody giveaway no. 3

Just a reminder that you still have a chance to make these cards from
Ghost Academy your very own. Leave a comment here, before Saturday, April 4th for your chance to win.