May 12, 2009

{2009 national stationery show}
pre-show picks

Just a bit of forewarning, you're going to see a lot of 'paper geekery' (as my husband fondly refers to my fixation) for the next two weeks. I'm headed to NYC on Friday to blog about the Stationery Show. Yesterday, I read a quote on twitter, that sums things up perfectly: 'The Stationery Show is basically Fashion Week for paper." So true! Thanks @katyatcardstore.

Without further ado here's a list of my must-see companies:

9SpotMonk Letterpress
{Booth No. 2862}
Albertine Press {Booth No. 1934}
Blue Barnhouse {Booth No. 2456}
Delphine {Booth No. 3327}
Dutch Door Press {Booth No. 1746}
Fugu Fugu Press {Booth No. 1456}
Gilah Press + Design {Booth No. 2159}
Girl of all Work {Booth No. 1448}
Jacki Paper {Booth No. 1936}
La Familia Green {Booth No. 1756}
Linda & Harriett {Booth No. 2059}
Oblation Papers & Press {Booth No. 3513}
Old School Stationers {Booth No. 1551}
Pancake & Franks {Booth No. 1741}
Paper + Cup Design {Booth No. 2248 & 2250}
Pearl & Marmalade/The Great Lakes {Booth No. 1653}
Pikku {Booth No. 2048}
Rag & Bone Bindery {Booth No. 3635, 3637}
Red Cap Cards {Booth No. 1963}
Smock Paper {Booth No. 2741, 2743, 2745}
Smudge Ink {Booth No. 2531}
Sub-Studio {Booth No. 1933}
Sugarcube Press {Booth No. 1646}
Sycamore Street Press {Booth No. 1553}
Tapeswell {Booth No. 1529}
Tiselle {Booth No. 2063}
Treeo Design {Booth No. 1549}
Twig & Fig {Booth No. 1435 & 1437}
Two Trick Pony {Booth No. 1554}
Yellow Owl Workshop {Booth No. 1558}


  1. Oh you are just going to have too much fun you paper geek!
    I wish I was going - have fun!

  2. I'm eagerly awaiting your coverage! I wish I was going! (hopefully next year)

  3. Thanks for including delphine in your list. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. --erika

  4. Hey Carina! We look forward to seeing you again at the Show! - Vivian and Tif

  5. I am SO incredibly sad I'm missing out on this year's show! It just gets better and better!

  6. We're taking this year off and developing some new products for release later this year, so we'll be missing this year's show. Love that tweet about the NSS being like NY Fashion Week! Definitely exciting to be there to show and walk it.

    Thank you for stopping my blog and leaving a comment about the Lemon Curd packaging!

  7. I totally understand the paper-geekery thing!! One of these days I'll make it to the show...

  8. Thanks for including us in the list! Looking forward to meeting you at the NSS!

  9. That quote is perfect for NSS.
    Drool, drool, drool regarding all the booths you'll be visiting. Sigh.. one of these days I'll show/visit. :)

  10. I'm so loving your blog. I really am. I'd love to know how you started your company.

  11. thanks for including Sycamore Street Press in this!

  12. oh - i just noticed...Sycamore's booth is #1553, not 3271.

  13. Oops! Sorry about that Eva, so much for my double checking efforts.

  14. Loved meeting you carina! Sugarcube Press booth no. 1646 is sweet on you. :) Have safe travels home!