May 29, 2009

goody giveaway no. 6

One lucky reader will be the winner of these two sets of gift tags from Paper Relics. I really love these tags and am particularly partial to the tag with the proper looking gal with antlers that reads: 'I miss you deerly dearly'

To enter to win:

|| Please leave a comment answering the following:
Who was your biggest childhood crush, celebrity or otherwise?

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|| Giveaway is open until midnight on Friday, June 5, 2009 .
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In the interest of full disclosure, my big crush as a kid was Tom Cruise. Let me just add this was during his Top Gun days. Since repeatedly seeing that Oprah clip of him jumping on the couch, I've often wondered how I ever thought I would marry that guy. There was also this boy named Matthew that I rode the school bus with, what a dreamboat! I remember following him around announcing that we would get married someday and that he secretly loved me. Who knew a seven year old could have such confidence?

Many thanks to my new swap friend, Hope, for hosting this lovely giveaway!

May 26, 2009

{2009 national stationery show}
spotlight on: prints

{dutch door press}



{images by crow & canary}

{2009 national stationery show}
spotlight on: calendars

{linda & harriett}

{old school stationers}

These two designers really hit it out of the ballpark with their 2010 calendars. Linda & Harriett always come up with chic designs, so I was very excited to hear that their new wall calendar is perforated. Perforated? You may be thinking... Yes! So that you can send their cute patterns as a postcard once the month is over. Sheer genius.

The desk calendar, designed and printed by Old School Stationers, is truly enchanting. I love that they tried something new in designing their own eco-friendly and stylish stands to hold the calendar. Now I just have to wait for the new year to come!

{top two images via design*sponge, bottom image by crow & canary}

father's day pick: no. 1

I love this card from Dutch Door Press. Perfect for the musician or music loving Dad.

Father's Day is always a particularly challenging occasion to find the perfect card for my own Pops. He doesn't golf, sport-fish, BBQ, wear ties (at least not very often), nor have I ever seen him mow a lawn. I always have my eyes open for a great father's day card that doesn't incorporate any of the aforementioned stereotypes.

{photo by crow & canary}

May 25, 2009

{2009 national stationery show}
spotlight on: color

{la familia green}

{jacki paper}

Align Left

{finlay prints}

{carta, inc}

{albertine press}

Those that know me are likely familiar with my love of color. I'm naturally drawn to saturation and was truly in heaven in these designer's booths.

I'm in the midst of traveling this week, but am working to get the rest of my Stationery Show coverage posted the next few days. I saw so many great lines and want to be sure to include as many designers as possible. More to come!

{photo by crow & canary}

May 22, 2009

{2009 national stationery show}
spotlight on: newcomers

{give studio}

I really love the simplicity and sweetness of Give Studio's designs. I think they do an excellent job of giving letterpress a fresh and unexpected look.

{paper medium}

Paper Medium's distinctive illustrations and adorable booth design, completely drew me in. Another designer that is using the letterpress medium in an unexpected manner.

{the mincing mockingbird}

The Mincing Mockingbird offers a rare combination; gorgeous bird portraiture, with truly, laugh-out-loud greetings. One of my personal faves - 'It's hard out here for a finch'.

{photos by crow and canary}

May 21, 2009

and the winner is...

Jen from the Haystack Needle has been randomly chosen as the winner of the Cartolina Cards 9-piece notebooks set. In answer to the question 'What summer ritual are you most looking forward to?' - Jen said "...whoopie pies when we go up to Maine." Sounds like a girl after my own heart!

Thank you to all that took the time to share your summer rituals, I'm truly anticipating summer more than ever after reading about: patio dining, fresh cut flowers, sweet tea, gardening, sun bathing, berry picking and hammock napping...

Be sure to stop by again soon - next week I'll be posting a new giveaway sponsored by Paper Relics and you definitely won't want to miss out on this one.

May 18, 2009

{2009 national stationery show}
day two

{albertine press: booth no. 1934}

{sub-studio: booth no. 1933}

{paperoot: booth no. 2452}

Just a handful of some of my favorite notebooks spotted at NSS today. I have quite a few more finds to share and one more day left to discover more paper goodness. I'll definitely be posting more from the show as the week progresses.

May 17, 2009

{2009 national stationery show}
day one

{twig & fig booth no. 1435 + 1437}

{the great lakes booth no. 1653}

{two trick pony booth no. 1554}

I was able to walk about half the show today and saw some absolutely amazing booths! I was overwhelmed with both amazing new lines and established lines that I can't believe have flown under my radar, until today. I'm adding a few additions to my 'must-see' list, as I wholeheartedly believe that these designers should be a destination for anyone attending the show.

Give Studio {Booth No. 1952}
Kamal {Booth No. 1966}
Paper Medium {Booth No. 1723}
Paper Stories {Booth No. 1842}
Susy Jack* {Booth No. 1847}
Sweet Letter Press {Booth No. 2167}
Tallu-lah {Booth No. 1937}

May 16, 2009

{2009 national stationery show}
debut: junky heirloom

Okay, in unison: Ooohhh... Aren't these the coolest? I can't wait to check out these foiled paper frames from Junky Heirloom {Booth No. 1344} tomorrow. The company is making their debut at the Stationery Show and I expect that they will be an absolute hit! Check out the rest of their wares here.

May 14, 2009

royally lovely postage

I found myself feeling giddy at the discovery of these new stamps today. I understand that may sound a bit, well... dramatic, but I think that if you're going to buy a gorgeous handmade card for $5+ dollars you should be able to dress it up with some modern postage. Just my personal philosophy and please don't get me started on that hideous 'forever' stamp, I shudder.

There are two other stamp designs that made my heart-a-flutter. The Masters of American Photography released in 2001. Oh, how I wish I still had a sheet of those. And of course, the Charles + Ray Eames stamps that made their debut last summer. I may or may not have traversed four post offices in search of a stack of these, just saying.

{via twitter}

{2009 national stationery show}
new from gilah press

Brand new from Gilah Press + Design: A series of blank letterpress notebooks. They are hobby themed, which I think is such fun idea. Themes include: art, cooking, gardening, music, sewing and writing. The notebooks are making their debut at The National Stationery Show next week, be sure to swing by Booth No. 2159 for a peek in person.

May 12, 2009

{2009 national stationery show}
pre-show picks

Just a bit of forewarning, you're going to see a lot of 'paper geekery' (as my husband fondly refers to my fixation) for the next two weeks. I'm headed to NYC on Friday to blog about the Stationery Show. Yesterday, I read a quote on twitter, that sums things up perfectly: 'The Stationery Show is basically Fashion Week for paper." So true! Thanks @katyatcardstore.

Without further ado here's a list of my must-see companies:

9SpotMonk Letterpress
{Booth No. 2862}
Albertine Press {Booth No. 1934}
Blue Barnhouse {Booth No. 2456}
Delphine {Booth No. 3327}
Dutch Door Press {Booth No. 1746}
Fugu Fugu Press {Booth No. 1456}
Gilah Press + Design {Booth No. 2159}
Girl of all Work {Booth No. 1448}
Jacki Paper {Booth No. 1936}
La Familia Green {Booth No. 1756}
Linda & Harriett {Booth No. 2059}
Oblation Papers & Press {Booth No. 3513}
Old School Stationers {Booth No. 1551}
Pancake & Franks {Booth No. 1741}
Paper + Cup Design {Booth No. 2248 & 2250}
Pearl & Marmalade/The Great Lakes {Booth No. 1653}
Pikku {Booth No. 2048}
Rag & Bone Bindery {Booth No. 3635, 3637}
Red Cap Cards {Booth No. 1963}
Smock Paper {Booth No. 2741, 2743, 2745}
Smudge Ink {Booth No. 2531}
Sub-Studio {Booth No. 1933}
Sugarcube Press {Booth No. 1646}
Sycamore Street Press {Booth No. 1553}
Tapeswell {Booth No. 1529}
Tiselle {Booth No. 2063}
Treeo Design {Booth No. 1549}
Twig & Fig {Booth No. 1435 & 1437}
Two Trick Pony {Booth No. 1554}
Yellow Owl Workshop {Booth No. 1558}

May 11, 2009

goody giveaway no. 5

I'm so excited to announce our new giveaway from Cartolina Cards... Fiona, the talented designer of Cartolina, has generously offered a complete set of her recycled notebooks, nine in all, to one lucky reader. You may remember my excitement when these little gems hit the streets in January. Fiona also writes an inspiring blog, Cafe Cartolina. I
f you're not already a reader, I highly suggest you take a peak.

To enter to win:

|| Please leave a comment answering the following question:
Which summer ritual are you most looking forward to?

|| Anonymous comments will be disqualified.

|| Giveaway is open until midnight on Wednessay, May 20, 2009 .
Winner will be chosen by and announced the following day.

|| One comment per person, unless... Hey, want an extra chance to win?
Blog and/or tweet about our giveaway and post an additional comment with the link.

P.S. If you can't wait to get your paws on one of these notebooks, they're available at GreetQ, as well as Cartolina's card collection.

May 8, 2009

{shop} portland: lark press

{letterpress cards printed by lark press}

{photo boxes by e.soule}

{artwork by sarah landwehr}

I have the pleasure of working with Lark Press on two ends: They buy stationery from me for their retail shop and I represent their letterpress line in Washington and California. Their shop, located in an up and coming area of North Portland, is a gorgeous paper and art haven. All of the images I featured, just happen to be Portland based artists. Lark Press has an excellent assortment of local designer's work, as well as some great lines from afar. It really is a must-see stop for those planning a visit to our fair city. It doesn't hurt that the utterly delicious Pix Patisserie is located right next door. Beautiful paper and pastries, yes please!

May 6, 2009

ceramic sensation: whitney smith

{dogwood flower lidded vessel}

{bird cupcake stand}

{eight nesting lotus bowls}

It was an enormous challenge to narrow down my favorites from Whitney Smith's pottery designs. If you are in the market for a cake or cupcake stand, she has some of the best I've seen. Check out her Etsy shop here, you may have to make one these pieces a belated mother's day gift.

{via GreetQ Blog}