September 23, 2010

par avion: holiday goodness from ghost academy

It may seem a bit early to be featuring holiday stuff... Keep in mind, in my world of wholesale, holiday cards have been on the brain for months. And let me tell you, I've been keeping some dynamite designs under wraps. Lucky for you these gems from Ghost Academy arrived this week and there was no way in Jehovah I was going to not share the love. These block printed beauties are all original designs and handmade by the ghostly pair at the academy. Did I officially put you in the holiday spirit?

{images via ghost academy}

September 20, 2010

printmaker dujour: oh my cavalier!

{'two girls and their friends' print}

{'bicycle club rider' print}

{'let us not be disconcerted' print}

{'sky pack' print}

Oh My Cavalier! is the brilliant work of fellow Portlander, Julianna Swaney. I'm hard pressed to choose a favorite of the prints in her shop, but thought I ought to at least highlight a few of my favorites. Julianna also designs mechanical animal paperdolls, one of my favorite things! They can be found here and locally at Noun, another Portland treasure...

{all images via oh my cavalier}

September 16, 2010

announcing: cartograms by cartolina

Oh my goodness - It's here, it's here! Cartolina's iPhone app has officially arrived in the iTunes app store. Customizable, gorgeous greetings from your iPhone to a friend's inbox, did I mention you can also send as a text?

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Search "Cartolina" in the app store to get your own this very minute...

{image via cartolina}

September 9, 2010

dance break!

I enjoyed this video so much that I thought I ought to share it! Irish hand dance perhaps? Check out their website here.

September 7, 2010

ch-ch-ch chia postcard

How have I not heard of the ingenious creation known as Postcarden until now? These clever postcards unfold into three-dimensional structures that contain edible cress seeds. Just sprinkle the seeds into the base, water and voila... Your very own miniature garden, I mean carden.

{images via postcarden}

September 4, 2010

back with black (lasercut coolness, that is)

{'health insurance' valentine}

{'obama' valentine}

{'i still know which records are mine' valentine}

{assorted valentines and puppets}

Please accept my humble apologies for taking off the summer and well let's be honest, perhaps most of spring. I've neglected this little blog and am ready to get back on track with sharing my favorite paper finds, stationery shops and whatever else strikes my fancy!

I can't believe I haven't already gushed about Owly Shadow Puppets' line of Valentines and (obviously) shadow puppets. I bought the "You Had Me at Health Insurance" Valentine for my mister from ReForm School on one of my business trips to LA last year. We both think it's the cat's meow! The puppets are pretty amazing too. I just spotted one at the Seattle Art Museum Gift Shop, which reminded me that this unique line would make perfect blog fodder.

{images via owly shadow puppets' etsy}