November 24, 2009

printmaker du jour: postal press

There is just something so charming about this Terrarium print from Postal Press. I could get lost in their exquisite website and photography forever and a day.

{image via postal press}

November 23, 2009

pleased to meet you, mrYen.

A wee bit of paper cut perfection for my fellow fantatics. These darlings are from the talented mrYen, who hails from the UK. I'm thinking that crow would look awfully lovely in my office. Don't you agree?

{all images via mrYen}

{found via laura brown}

November 18, 2009

the mister's obligatory birthday post

I'd been procrastinating this post, as I didn't have a clue which card line I should feature in honor of mister b's birthday today. With very little searching, I managed to come up with the awesome Australian line Able & Game. These cards are both hysterical and charming and so perfectly perfect for my Birthday boy.

Although, I did get b a tangible card, from the master's at Hammerpress, if you're curious. I've also developed a bizarre habit of flashing cards at the mister whether at a store, on my computer screen or from my well-stocked sample cache for work and saying "huh, huh I would totally send this to you."

And for the record, 'Even though we've been together for ages (8 of your birthdays) I still have a massive crush on you.' So true...

{all images via Able & Game's Etsy}

November 13, 2009

wrapper's delight

{wrapping sheets by kamal}

{gift boxes by treeo design}

{wrap by egg press at moxie papergoods}

{bamboo wrap by smock}

My mom essentially groomed me to be a bonafide gift wrap junkie. She always took such care in wrapping packages no matter what the contents, even as a kid I had to admire the presentation before ripping into the box. Remember the old adage, "it's the thought that counts"? I prefer to say: "It's the presentation that counts."

{all images via designer's site, unless otherwise noted}

November 12, 2009

{shop} oakland: urban indigo

{squirrel onesie by ferdinand}

{'time flies' necklaces by adjowah brodie}

{award ribbons by ghost academy}

{terrariums by kat geiger/green under glass}

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the owner of Urban Indigo at the LA Mart in July. I'm so glad that we crossed paths, as I wasn't yet familiar with her lovely shop and was able to make a stop there in September. I immediately took note that they stocked goods from some great Oakland artists, I love that they concentrate on talent from the East Bay! While visting I couldn't resist buying a 'Time Flies' necklace by Adjowah Brodie, it was quite clearly calling my name. The collection combines vintage watch faces with bird charms and are all unique, as the designer is using found objects. I've gotten a ton of compliments on mine!

I'm looking forward to my next trip to the bay area, in January. I can't wait to see Urban Indigo's latest find. You will definitely want to check out their web store and blog!

{all images by crow and canary}

November 3, 2009

creative crush: wool & water by amy earles

{'nurse, i need you' paperdoll set}

{'little maple' paperdoll set}

{'cordial creatures' paperdoll set}

Aren't these lovelies just beckoning to live in a shadowbox? I love the idea of paperdolls as art! Wool & Water features an astounding collection of dolls and prints in their etsy shop. I also greatly enjoyed reading Amy's history of designing paperdolls over the years, found here.

{images via wool & water}
{found via portland loves: local}