June 3, 2009

{2009 national stationery show}
spotlight on: pattern & prints

{enid wilson studio}


{rag & bone}

{two trick pony}

I'm really making a concerted effort to finish up my Stationery Show coverage. I saw so many phenomenal designs and paper companies while in NYC, I'm having some trouble knowing when to call it quits. I've decided that Friday is my cut off date, so whatever I can squeeze in between now and then is all she wrote.

My apologies for my blogging absence, as of late. I'm just returning from a road trip I made with my oldest friend, Kathleen - oldest as in, we've been inseparable since Kindergarten, not like she's an octogenarian. I had the honor of accompanying her from Seattle to her new home in Las Vegas, we spent many miles going through the desert wondering when our iphones would ever find service again. It was a lovely trip and I'm so very excited for all the new and exciting things to come for her.

{images by crow & canary}


  1. mmm. delicious. you know how much i love patterns!

  2. How fun! Someday I hope to go to the NSS! :)