June 29, 2011

on dads and letterpress.

{card by sycamore street press}

I'm dreadfully late to try to call this a Father's Day post, but I just had to give a little shout out to my pop and have had this awesome image from Sycamore Street Press on my desktop for weeks.

This is my fifth year working in the stationery industry and it wasn't until recently that I connected how much my dad shaped my passion and interest in cool cards. He was really my first pen pal. From a young age, he was frequently gone for work and eventually when my parents separated, he made it a point to write me letters on unique cards. I even have a letterpress card he sent me from the late 80's - by Saturn Press, if you're curious.

My dad has also been a major champion of my business, when I travel to Los Angeles to call on shops he often acts as my chauffeur. Many of the buyers I work with know my dad and will make a point to ask about him or say hello. He'll call to tell me about new shops that sell cards, how sweet is that?

I'm eternally grateful to all my friends and family that have been a major support in my business endeavors, but wanted to take a moment to highlight my own dad, for whom will never be too manly for letterpress!

{image by nicole hill gerulat for sycamore street press}

June 8, 2011

{2011 national stationery show} focus on: pacific nw designers

{cards by stubborn twig design}

{sketchbooks + advent calendar by oblation papers & press}

{cards by two guitar art cards}

{angela adams for egg press}

{prints by jill bliss}

{cards and prints banquet workshop}

It's always a thrill to see some hometown heroes exhibiting at the Stationery Show, clear across the country!

A few other NW greats at NSS:
Badge Bomb
Benjamin Paul
Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress
Ilee Papergoods
Old School Stationers
Yellow Bird Greetings

{all photos by crow and canary}

stationery summer.

I'm ecstatic that Linda & Harriett have released a new collection of notepads! I got a glimpse of them in person at the Stationery Show and they are positively lovely. I bought a personalized chevron pad from L&H a while back and it's still one of my favorite desk accouterments. Act now, these beauties are limited edition.

{images via linda & harriett}

June 2, 2011

{2011 national stationery show} the sardonic & the silly

{card by flywheel press}

{cards by blue barnhouse}

{card by gilah press}

{cards by old tom foolery}

{cards by paper mill designs}

{card by hard cards}

{card by sapling press}

{card by mcbitterson's}

I have the distinct pleasure of getting to see buyer's reactions to Blue Barnhouse's line of cards on a regular basis. It's pretty entertaining to watch the array of responses, more often than not, the type of laugh that escapes before the person even realizes that they are cackling aloud. That was most definitely me in many of these booths this year, particularly in Old Tom Foolery's booth. Hot damn, do they ever know the perfect combination of wicked wit.

{all photos by crow and canary}

{2011 national stationery show} focus on: calendars

{calendar and coasters by 1canoe2}

{calendar by katie muth}

{calendars by linda & harriett}

{calendar by blackbird letterpress}

{calendar by artistry cards}

{calendar by two trick pony}

{calendar by may day studio}

{calendar by joie studio}

{calendar by up up creative}

{calendar by syd design}

{calendar by pie bird press}

{calendar by foxtail press}

{calendar by night owl paper goods}

{calendar by old school stationers}

{calendars by smock}

I have to say, peeping new calendars at the Stationery Show always gives me a thrill and this is one the posts I look forward to sharing the most. An abundance of great new designs for 2012. Most of these have not gone into production yet, but you will see them popping up in your favorite shops and online towards August and September.

{all photos by crow and canary}

June 1, 2011

{2011 national stationery show} father's day

{card by sugarcube press}

{card by wild ink press}

{card by ecka & pecka}

{card by dear hancock}

June is here and Father's Day is right around the corner! Above is a glimpse at a few standout designs spotted at NSS. I'm also working on a Father's Day round-up for Curbly that you're not going to want to miss.

{all photos by crow and canary}

{2011 national stationery show} focus on: gifty goodness

{bookplates by greenwich letterpress}

{gift bags and stamp sets by chewing the cud}

{notepads by austin press}

{notepads by night owl paper goods}

{mobile by ink + wit}

{signs and cake accessories by figs & ginger}

{notebooks by pie bird press}

{hand carved birds, prints and cards by urubbu}

{ribbon & twine by angela liguori of carta inc.}

So much awesome gift goodness at the National Stationery Show this year. I have some great inspiration for a few upcoming birthdays.

{all photos by crow & canary}