May 14, 2009

royally lovely postage

I found myself feeling giddy at the discovery of these new stamps today. I understand that may sound a bit, well... dramatic, but I think that if you're going to buy a gorgeous handmade card for $5+ dollars you should be able to dress it up with some modern postage. Just my personal philosophy and please don't get me started on that hideous 'forever' stamp, I shudder.

There are two other stamp designs that made my heart-a-flutter. The Masters of American Photography released in 2001. Oh, how I wish I still had a sheet of those. And of course, the Charles + Ray Eames stamps that made their debut last summer. I may or may not have traversed four post offices in search of a stack of these, just saying.

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  1. I completely agree with you!
    Let's start a stamp revolution :)

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  3. WOW! these are all gorgeous stamps! i was going to buy stamps at the post office yesterday, but i'm glad i didn't now! i need to get some of these. i don't know which ones though...