November 29, 2010

old school flair

{USB Typewriter}

Greetings from gorgeous Mexico! I hadn't planned to post on vacation, but thought this find was simply irresistible. While catching up on Vanity Fair, poolside of course - I was completely captured by their brief feature on this USB typewriter modified for an iPad or any other device that uses a keyboard. Mucho gusto!

While I'm here, just a little reminder to enter the current 'Gratitude Campaign' giveaway - you have until Friday, December 3rd to post your entry.

November 25, 2010

day of thanks

{thanksgiving card by foxy & winston}

I am thankful for countless things. Here are just a few:
- having a job i adore
- a close relationship with my parents
- my sweet pup, ula
- a healthy body
- learning new things and taking leaps
- my mister and his perfectly off beat sense of humor
- my small town girl and best friend of 27 years
- the kindness of strangers and loved ones

At this very moment. I am particularly thankful to be en route to Mexico with my mister. We're taking a week long vacation that will consist of swimming, sunning, reading, eating, relaxing, and exploring. See you back here in December, dear ones...

November 24, 2010

gratitude campaign {thanksgiving edition}

I'll just come out and say it, I've really fallen behind on my monthly 'Gratitude Campaign' posts. I've been feeling guilty and decided that the impending Thanksgiving in the US would be the perfect opportunity to make up for my negligence.

My first offering is a simple thanks for reading this little blog. Being self-employed and often working from home, I really take comfort and delight in the connections I make via blogging and tweeting. I have a healthy group of people that I count as friends made through these avenues. So... thank you for taking the time to read and connect with me on some level, it really means more than I can express.

Now, getting to the goody giveaway part of the post!

The mister and I have a tradition of writing down what we're thankful for each and every Thanksgiving, it's something that I really enjoy reflecting on and thought it would be the perfect question to pose for entry.

To enter to win:

|| Please leave a comment answering the following:
What are you currently thankful for in your life?

|| Anonymous comments will be disqualified.

|| Giveaway is open through Friday, December 3, 2010 at 11:59 PST.
Winner will be chosen by and announced Monday, December 6th.

|| One comment per person, unless... Hey, want an extra chance to win?
Blog, tweet and/or facebook about our giveaway and post an additional comment(s) with the link.

One lucky winner will receive the thank you card set from Hammerpress, one winner will receive the set from Snow & Graham, one winner will receive the set from Ghost Academy and one winner will receive the assorted 'grab bag' from our archives. Best of luck!

{images by crow and canary}

November 16, 2010

printmaker dujour: leah duncan

"growing horns" print

"hills" limited edition print

"harry had a bad feeling" print

"darling i'm leaving" stitched print

Leah Duncan's calendar has been making the rounds on many of my favorite blogs - and it's really no wonder, as it's just plain gorgeous. Thought I would take a moment to highlight some of Leah's unique prints - her etsy shop is brimming with perfect gifts for the holidays.

{images via leah duncan}

November 4, 2010

stuck on stickers

I picked up a pack of these precious stickers from Moomah at Lark Press earlier this year. I think they are the bee's knees, hence they are still unopened. As a child of the 80's, I was/am a sticker collector. I still have my original sticker book from 1983. It includes a really creepy oversized Michael Jackson sticker, in case you were wondering.

Fast forward and here I am still unable to use stickers I deem awesome. Hopefully I'll work up the courage to bedazzle one of my next pen pal letters with some of these gems. No promises.

{images via moomah}

November 3, 2010

par avion: candyspotting

Hot off the press, err... laser, I present these glimmering and sweet laser cut cards from Candyspotting. Could they be any more darling?

{images by candyspotting}

November 2, 2010

creative crush: ask alice

{set of 4 greeting cards}

{envelope set}

{paper plane mini book}

{gift tag set}

{fox hardback blank book}

I wasn't the least bit surprised to learn that Ask Alice Stationery is based in Melbourne, Australia. I've found that a great number of talented stationers and enthusiastic paperistas seem to hail from Australia. I know I'm not alone in obsessing over the Sydney based, Upon a Fold. I placed an order from them recently and am already plotting my next purchase. Coincidentally, you may find Ask Alice's adorable postcard books stocked by Upon a Fold, take a look see here...

{all images via ask alice}