January 15, 2009

par avion: a love aquatic

Another awesome find, for all you etsy junkies. I discovered their website while catching up on Hello! Lucky's blog. I absolutely couldn't resist this card, which has been promptly framed and awaiting a place of honor on my wall. Be sure to check out the Hearts & Anchors website for more of Sarah's amazing work.

new releases from cartolina cards

These, much anticipated, new notebooks from Cartolina are making a real impression. There are definitely many things to love about them, but on the top of my list is the price: $4 each! Check out all 9 of the designs at the Cafe Cartolina blog.

January 5, 2009

font on film

I'm a big fan of PBS's series Independent Lens, so I was particularly excited to read that tomorrow they will be airing a documentary on typography, aptly titled HELVETICA. Their website has a sneak peak and also features a 'What font are you quiz?' in which I was immediately suckered into taking.
And the verdict is... Time New Roman. I must admit that would not have been my first or second guess. Still, it's no Comic Sans. I shudder to think.