May 17, 2009

{2009 national stationery show}
day one

{twig & fig booth no. 1435 + 1437}

{the great lakes booth no. 1653}

{two trick pony booth no. 1554}

I was able to walk about half the show today and saw some absolutely amazing booths! I was overwhelmed with both amazing new lines and established lines that I can't believe have flown under my radar, until today. I'm adding a few additions to my 'must-see' list, as I wholeheartedly believe that these designers should be a destination for anyone attending the show.

Give Studio {Booth No. 1952}
Kamal {Booth No. 1966}
Paper Medium {Booth No. 1723}
Paper Stories {Booth No. 1842}
Susy Jack* {Booth No. 1847}
Sweet Letter Press {Booth No. 2167}
Tallu-lah {Booth No. 1937}


  1. Hi Carina. I completely agree. I was completely fascinated by Kamal by Kamal Patel. She had such beautiful custom designs and was definitely one of my standouts of the show.

  2. The paper stories website is so great!

  3. Why does stationary make me drool? It's so uncouth. But it simply cannot be helped.

  4. Carina, it was really nice meeting you at the show and thanks for the shout out about my booth. Lilibeth, I'm happy you enjoyed my debut online boutique will be opening in about a week or so - will keep you posted!