December 22, 2009

to a modern 2010

{2010 laser cut calendar by candyspotting}

I know it's a wee bit late in the year for calendars, but there's no way I could resist sharing Candyspotting's lovely offering for 2010. The paper they're using on these is truly luxe.

Although I already have several newbies for the new year, (seriously, I think I've had at least three calendars in my house for a decade or more) I doubt that I'll be able to stop myself from adding this one into the mix. I'd be certain to keep an eye on their Etsy shop, as I'm confident that Candyspotting's offerings will be growing in the new year!

Speaking of calendars, I'll have a new giveaway to share with you next week. Worth the wait, I promise.


  1. Oh exciting about the giveaway! I gave the boyfriend the bubble pop calendar.
    I think it will be fun!

  2. Hey that calendar looks just like the one I have in my dining room... and office... and garage :). It took a lot of prototypes to get it just right. So happy to see it here too :D.

  3. Wow, these are beautiful!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  4. what a great calendar! I always love seeing the calendar line-ups at the end of the year :)

    have a very happy new year!