December 3, 2009

oblation in the blogosphere

I'm delighted to see that Oblation Papers & Press has started a blog. Portlanders and paper connoisseurs will be well acquainted with their top-notch shops, custom designs and new retail line of cards. The business celebrated their 20th anniversary this year, long live Oblation!

{image via oblation papers & press}


  1. yay! Oblation is one of those stores that's museum-quality pretty.

  2. ooo, i so didn't need another blog to read! ;)

  3. Thank you for such kind words! We are happy to be here in the friendly, artsy Blogosphere :)

    Many thanks Crow and Canary <3

  4. I LOVE Oblation. I stopped in on a visit to Portland and it was pretty much the initial inspiration for my stationery company