December 13, 2009

holiday picks {series no. 2/portland edition}

{christmas card by two guitars}

{card by old school stationers}

{ledger calendar by power & light press}

{holiday card by lark press}

{calendar card by red bat press}

Yesterday was Crafty Wonderland's Super Colossal Holiday Sale and I (and apparently most of Portland) was in attendance. I'm glad the turn out was so huge, but on a completely selfish note, I was a bit bummed that it was so challenging to shop. One of the highlights of the show was making a felt fortune cookie with Kristen of Schmancy and Plush You fame. She was super helpful and even had the mister getting into crafting, though now that I think about it he's actually a pretty crafty guy!

{all images via designer's sites}


  1. Wasn't it a good show, though? We spent almost four hours shopping – it was exhausting but fun! And we found lots of great treasures that I'm trying to get framed and situated throughout the house (yep, we shopped for ourselves, not others: this Crafty shopping spree was our xmas gift to each other!)

  2. BTW, did you see the gorgeous ceramic crows by Lori Shippy? We simply HAD to add one to our bird collection :)

  3. Very neat stuff!

    I just got your Christmas card (from Emma's exchange) and thought I'd pop in and say hello! :) Excellent blog you've got here!

  4. I so love that calendar! I must check it out and, probably, have it. Too cute! (Can I send myself a New Year's card?)