September 1, 2009

winner(s) of goody giveaway no. 8

Okay, so I was technically supposed to announce the birthday giveaway winner on Saturday... And I kind of dropped the ball, so to make it up to you I've added two runner up prizes. 6 cards each for two lucky readers from several of the designers that contributed to the big kahuna prize.

|big kahuna prize| tracie {no. 5}
|runner-up one| laura {no. 3}
|runner-up two| kelly {no. 29}

I really loved reading about all of your birthday rituals, thank you so much for taking the time to share with me!

{my best friend, kathleen's blog}

How about another chance at a fabulous giveaway? I'm co-hosting a giveaway in honor of my dearest friend's 100th post on her blog 'Just a Small Town Girl'. Crow and Canary has contributed a card file designed by Cecily Ink. It's filled with 12 different letterpress and offset cards. Super handy for a last minute birthday party or a friend feeling under the weather, that's in need of some cheering up. Kathleen has also added a $30 Forever 21 gift card to sweeten the pot. Seriously, what are you still doing here? Enter this amazing giveaway post-haste!


  1. SO super excited!! beyond excited! thank you thank you ... so happy i could 'celebrate' your special day with you! ;)

  2. Hi Carina! Just found your blog via Kathleen's, it looks awesome!

  3. Congrats to your lucky winners! I am loving my Crow & Canary goodies!

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