September 1, 2009

creative crush: ashley g and drew

{follow the sparrows print}

{assorted postcard set}

{hello june print}

Have you ever fallen head over heels in love with with a print? If you're reading this blog, I suspect that the answer may be yes... That's exactly how I feel about Ashley G and Drew's 'Follow the Sparrows'. I adore everything about it. While perusing their etsy shop today, I found out that I already own a piece by this talented artist. The 'Hello June' print has a home in my living room. I bought this print from Modern a year ago and have long wondered who the artist is. I'm so happy to solve the case of the mystery artist!

I'm also really digging their postcard set. You see, I have postcards on the brain since I signed up to be a part of The Benevolent Postcard Society. It's a postcard exchange/art project, organized by Lori Langille. Members send and receive one postcard a month for the next 12 months. At the end of the year, all of the postcards will be collected and published as a book. The very first post card is to be mailed out today. Yep, today. I'm completely at a loss, as to what I want to send still. Should I make it myself, find something vintage, or support a local artist. The jury's still out, my friends.

{all images via ashley g and drew's etsy shop}


  1. I have a pair of Ashley G prints hanging above my desk. So much cuteness! But somehow not overly cutesy!

  2. Yes yes yes! I love love love these prints. My heart is skipping beats!

  3. LOVE ashley g. its so awesome seeing etsy artists in stores in portland-such a wonderful surprise!

  4. i love ashley g. as well. thank you for finding me! i love your blog, too. :)