September 9, 2009

books on the brain

{art by olympia le-tan via all the mountains blog}

{thank you card by paper + cup design}

{library print by memoir}

{book sculpture by jacqueline rush lee}

{letterpress card by letterary press}

{bookplates by boygirlparty}

I'm getting every thing in order for the Pacific Northwest Bookseller's show this week and officially have book art and book-themed stationery on the brain. I have about a thousand and two things I should be doing in preparation for the trade show, but had to take a moment to share some of my favorites!

{all images via designer's site}


  1. these are awesome! i love the catcher in the rye felt thingie. :)

  2. This reminds me that I need to go shopping for thank you and motivational cards for work! Any suggestions of great shops in my neighborhood?

  3. books are always on my brain :)

  4. jasmine - I love that felt thing too, such a cool project!

    Debby - Can't think of any in your neck of the woods, but there's a great shop in M & M's neighborhood called The Real Card Co.( they have an awesome selection!

    Diana - So funny, I was totally thinking of you and your amazing wedding while posting this one.

  5. Love your book theme...and especially love the print...

  6. these are fantastic! especially that catcher in the rye embroidery ?