August 17, 2009

{shop} portland: tilde

{bud vases by mudpuppy, print by jessica gonacha}

{jewelry by cursive design}

{art by michele maule}

{belts by obi design}

{prints by jessica gonacha}

Tilde is a gorgeous shop located in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland. The owner hand-picks small design companies and independent artist's goods for the shop. I must say, her curatorial skills are rather amazing - I find it near to impossible to enter this shop without exiting with a new beloved purchase in hand. Most recently, these swoon-worthy earrings from Cursive Design in grey.

Truly a must stop shop for the perfect gift for a friend, or yourself!


  1. I found Tilde by accident one day when I was antiquing in Sellwood, and it's fabulous. Highly recommended! :)

  2. YES!! i went in here and found so many artists from etsy, i wanted to buy the entire place! how much fun would it be to curate your own shop? so glad you found this place. sellwood is also an antique shopping paradise