April 22, 2009

reclamation nation

{'lost and found' stool by & made via haute*nature}

{recycled skateboard jewelry by 2ReVert}

{recycled wine oak cabinet by Cliff Spencer}

{reclaimed sailboat sail tote and luggage tag by Reiter8}

In honor of Earth Day, a few of my eco-friendly picks.


  1. There's another company I really like called SeaBags (http://www.seabags.com/) that makes totes out of recycled sails. They're a really amazing company that does a lot of work with women's prisons in Maine. You can read about it on their website. They also donate to breast cancer research and things like that.

  2. i like that stump stool! it's cute and weird.

    i'd LOVE to get you some breakfast recommendations! in Long Beach, a few good local spots are:

    - Egg Heaven (this has THE best local reviews; we've actually never been there, but i am dyyyying to try it)
    - Eggs, etc. (they put a stack of trivial pursuit cards on all the tables to play while you wait, eat, etc. they have really tasty waffles and pancakes)
    - The Potholder (this place has SUPER yummy waffles and is about as local as you get)
    - Schooner or Later (it was featured on diners, drive-ins, and dives, which i only know because i ate there the day they filmed it)

    if you can get yourself to Laguna Beach (it's about an hour's drive from Long Beach), Madison Square & Garden Cafe is really good, and the outdoor dining area is soooo cute!

    ohhh, i am so hungry for breakfast now!

  3. The stool! The stool! I want it!

  4. Perfect for earth day, funky and green!

  5. woah...those are some serious cabinets and i love them! I love all of your picks, all the time!

  6. your picks are fantastic, carina! I especially love the cabinet. That wood is gorgeous.