April 4, 2009

egg press sample sale: sunny side up

I've been to several of Egg Press' sample sales and never walk away empty handed. We're talking $1 a piece for their gorgeous cards! If you live in the Portland area, or will be in town, it's definitely worth your time to stop by. Be sure to wish them a happy anniversary, if you do - 2009 is their 10th year in business!

Thurs, April 9: 10am-7pm || Fri, April 10: 10am-7pm || Sat, April 11: 10am-2pm

939 SE Alder Street, Unit 1 Portland, OR 97214

{image via egg press}


  1. bummer! i wish i was in portland! i could seriously use some cool cards on the cheap...plus portland's just amazing, and it would be nice to visit. :)

    i like your blog! i'm gonna add you to my blog list!

  2. i WISH i was up there so that i could partake in the fun! and i am crazy for cards and stationery. it is irrational and i am helpless to stop it.