April 30, 2009

i heart vena cava

{plaster cast anatomical heart by something's hiding in here}

{notecard by farouche}

{hand screenprinted tee by peanutbutterandyelly}

My love of anatomical hearts as art objects began with one of the first gifts my mister ever bestowed upon me. An intricate, artisan-made lapel pin that I wore on my jacket. Sadly, my tiny heart was lost on vacation, a few summers back and I still lament it's absence.

It would have been some consolation if I'd managed to snag one of the plaster hearts that something's hiding in here produced in limited edition this Valentine's Day. Seriously, everything they design makes my heart skip a beat. The brains behind mustache on a stick is number one in my book.


  1. that's so sad you lost your little heart pin!

  2. Peanutbutterandyelly is awesome! I'm jealous ;-)

  3. kath-
    with you! in arizona! at that amazing resort!

  4. Oh, I'm telling Katie she should start selling her art on Etsy or some other site... or her own. I think people who totally send her pictures to paint. Don't you? You should see how the one of the two of us is turning out... When she's done, I'm going to make a post about it. You should send me a pic of you, the hubby and the baby girl for her to paint... She has no idea how good she is! Love you. Can't wait to see you this weekend.

  5. In Arizona? When I was burned by that mean flight attendant?

  6. i'm right with you. i noticed this plaster cast heart on design*sponge and was more interested in it than the DIY project being featured.

    i love anatomically inspired art work. the t-shirt prints i like the most from threadless are the anatomy based ones but have always sold out of sizes before i get get one!

    love your finds!

    kay from

  7. Fantastic Tee!!! Thanks for the great links :)

  8. i LOVE the plaster cast heart!!! that is fucking fantastic!!!