April 14, 2009

the obsession begins.

currentlly coveting

Sure, I've heard of Polyvore. I just hadn't quite bargained on the ridiculous sense of accomplishment one might feel in creating these digital collages. So, behold, my first effort. I get the feeling it won't be my last. Polyvore is sure to rank high in my procrastination toolbox for a spell. I'll try to keep the posting to a minimum. Thankfully they aren't featuring fine paper goods, uh are they?


  1. well done!!!

    i am a scared to even start in on polyvore! i am sure it is addictive!!!

  2. this looks like fun...i'm going to check it out! love your easter egg selections too. so festive!

  3. I know what you mean! I tried Polyvore and was sitting on my couch for hours re-designing our house & picking out outfits...not productive let me tell you.

  4. love the group you made :)
    thanks for visiting....glad to find your fun blog

  5. I love your collage! Believe it or not, this was my 1st introduction to Polyvore. This will be a big help when I redecorate my living room.