February 24, 2009

audio antiquities

{Julia Juliette}

{Owen Says}

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{Ghost Academy}
In honor of our giveaway question: What was your very first record, cassette or CD? - it only seemed fitting to feature some of the great paper goods that pay hommage to said devices and mediums.


  1. One of my earliest memories is removing the tape from the deck in my brother's convertible and DESTROYING IT. I pulled all the tape out or the cartridge and threw it everywhere. I'm not sure why, I just HAD TO DO IT. It's sad that nobody has tape decks anymore, but I still carry my old cassettes around in my car. Great picks.

  2. ha! great images. i love them.

    my first ever tape was new kids on the block. i was eight. i listened to it once and then my tape deck ate it. there was no chance for survival. i cried for days.

    my first ever cd that i ever purchased was the cranberries - everybody's doing it, so why cant we? i listened to it nonstop, since it was my only cd for another year or so when i bought the followup album. (then from there, i went to sarah mclachlan's 'fumbling towards ecstasy'. how random is that!?)

  3. Owen Says -
    I still have all my mixed tapes and can't imagine a day I'll part with them. I heard that there's some sort of cassette to USB thingy that transfers your tapes to itunes. I'm sure the sound quality would be terrible, but the nostalgia factor would definitely win out!

    wunderbug -
    I certainly don't miss the trauma of eaten tapes. Your NKOTB little heart must have broken. :)

    I remember loving that Cranberries album too! I think it was my 2nd or 3rd CD purchase.

  4. Such cool paper goods.
    Your recent posts have been killing me with nostalgia! :)

  5. I used to love mixed tapes so much! It was how you defined your relationship with someone. Sigh.

    And my first album? TLC's CrazySexyCool!

  6. my first cassette tape was huey lewis and the news. BHA HA HAHAHAHAH!!!!