February 13, 2009

am i the last to know?

The new Orla Kiely for Target line was introduced earlier this month. Just another reason to love Target and their licensing deals. Guess I know where I'll be shopping this weekend.


  1. I checked it all out today and it is adorable! I wanted to buy it all.

  2. OMGawsh! Saw this last night at my local Target but it was just one teensy end-cap display. I want more, MORE! The two-tiered pear tray was super cute. Still waiting for the aprons to arrive... I have cute pear vases at my shop that will "pair" perfectly (how 'bout that pun?!) Ima dork. -Allison

  3. I have to confess. I've visited two Target's in the last couple of days!
    Everything seems to be cleaned out.

    I've got my eye on one of those aprons too, Allison.

  4. I want the oven mitts! Visited my local Target, they don't have a lot yet ... I'll be waiting.