October 10, 2011

creative crush: crooked sister

These hand embroidered cards from Crooked Sister are the coolest! Can you imagine the delight of receiving one of these beauties in the mail? Utter joy!

Today is also the day that the winner for the Tradeshow Bootcamp Networking session is announced: Congratulations to Piddix!

{photos via crooked sister}


  1. ooh, love those! so high quality. here are some more embroidered cards: http://the-stationery-place.blogspot.com/2011/06/hand-stitched-cards-by-leobella.html

  2. I'm in love with the "you are awesome" card.

    And I am so thrilled to have won the Tradeshow Bootcamp spot. I've quickly become quite addicted to the series. I originally found out about them here just a couple of days ago, listened to one, and am totally hooked. They are so helpful! Thank you for the great resource.

    -Corinna (piddix)

  3. Very Cute! I make cards sometimes and my latest favourite is to embroider them.

    Congrats to piddix!

    - squirrellyminds.com