April 29, 2011

pooch party!

I absolutely couldn't resist sharing this sweet soiree by One Charming Party. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Sara and Brittany work their magic during Nicole Hill Gerulat's photo workshop at Alt Summit. These ladies are all amazing at their jobs, consider me a groupie!

Being a bonafide dog enthusiast, the only objection I have to this party is that I wasn't invited. One Charming Party has generously included links to their adorable invitations, doggie bags and cupcake toppers.

Many thanks to the lovely Lyndsey for the head's up on this fun fiesta.

{Party credit: Sara Westbrook and Brittany Egbert for One Charming Party}
{Photo Credit: Nicole Hill Gerulat}


  1. That looks like my kind of party! Great photos too..

  2. Haha. I love this. A pooch party would be just to cool and adorable.

  3. I'm conflicted. On one hand, of course I absolutely love dogs and this party could not be cuter! But on the other hand, people spend a reported $41 billion on pets when clearly that money could go towards benefiting charities and organizations. Regardless, this is a really super cute post and admittedly, it makes me want to throw a party for my irresistible canine!