May 2, 2011

{2011 national stationery show} sneak peek: wildhorse press

{teepee moving postcard set}

{tooth fairy mail}

{happy birthday totem}

{assorted music set of 8}

I am positively giddy to bring you my first feature about the 2011 National Stationery Show. Wildhorse Press will be joining the Ladies of Letterpress within their much expanded four-booth presence this year. I'm really loving everything about the line -- their Tooth Fairy Mail Kit is simply adorable and the Teepee Moving Postcard Set is a finalist in the 'Best New Product' division. Looking forward to checking out more of Wildhorse Press' goods in less than two weeks!

{imagesvia wildhorse press}

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  1. I can't believe it's almost time for NSS again! Wow, time flies... have fun and I can't wait to read/see your reports of all the fabulousness :)