April 6, 2011

printmaker dujour: pistachio press

{"woman walking dogs" designed & printed by pistachio press}

{"daylight dreamers" collaboration with Jacqueline Bos}

{"portraits" limited edition collaboration with samantha cotterill}

Pistachio Press has a lovely collection of assorted letterpress printed goods, including... masks! How cool is that? I don't have kids, but must confess I'd love to color and sport my own mask. Fun photo shoot idea! Since it's getting close to the National Stationery Show, I might also add that you can check out this lovely line in Booth 1664 at the Javits next month.

{all images via pistachio press}

1 comment:

  1. LOVE!!! the second image. what is she doing to that bird? i don't care - i love it! :)