February 25, 2010

love for lilly & coco

{all cards by lilly & coco}

I had the pleasure of meeting with a fellow Portland paperista last week. Lilly, of Lilly & Coco, and I have been twitter friends for awhile and she had sent me one her wonderful vintage-themed Christmas cards over the holidays. Through what I refer to as "the magic of twitter" we made a date to meet in person. Lilly's line is truly delightful! I love the look and presence of her cards. I also discovered that she was one of the pioneers of bringing back the "Keep Calm and Carry On" postcard reproductions into the hands of etsy shoppers. I highly recommend reading the brief interview with Lilly's mom, who is a survivor of the WWII bombing in London, which is where the propaganda posters originated from.

{images via crow and canary}


  1. I love them! Especially "the hippies were right". Vindication!

  2. Love the cheerful colors and snappy imagery! I'll have to go read that interview, too...

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  4. These are so nice,I really like the top wedding card.
    I'm going to pop over and read the interview.Thanks for visiting blanket by the way!

  5. what a cute website you have!

    i have added you to my blogroll so i can check in regularly.