March 3, 2010

printmaker dujour: the small object

I've been a fan of The Small Object for several years. They are well know for these adorable wedding toppers and produce a variety of super cute handmade goods.

Winners for the February 'Gratitude Campaign' giveaway ---
TISELLE cards go to: Leah
Laundry Press cards go to: Leslie

{images via the small object}


  1. I had just opened up my blog dashboard while I was waiting for my lunch order to arrive at work. I saw the cute Small Objects (sooo cute!) and was looking at them. My lunch was delivered and when I came back i saw my name and that I had won the giveaway! Thank you SOO Much!

  2. I love that first one - such cute stuff!

  3. I love Small Objects too...and haven't been to their site in a while...

  4. Hello, helllo carina,

    just got your fabulous bps-card! And, this prints are really cute! (Especially the "today is awesome" print).

    Have a great day,

    xo Anna from Switzerland

  5. p.s. your designer gallery is stunning!

  6. I just realized I know this company! They sell the ADORABLE little stamp sets at Little Otsu here in SF {}. So cute!!

  7. Oh! The wedding toppers...just adore them! so different and so cute. Thanks

  8. i love today is awesome....yahoooooooooo