February 1, 2010

bibliophile bling

I think that these book jacket and bookmark concepts from icoeye are the ultimate in clever. Would love to have these adorning my collection!

Winners for the January 'Gratitude Campaign' ---
Two Trick Pony cards go to: Shauna
Egg Press cards go to: Jackie

{book bling via cup of jo}


  1. These are too cool. I've never heard of Shot, but I'm a sucker for packaging. I'd read it now without even knowing what it's about!

  2. Thank you Crow and Canary!!! The Egg Press cards are lovely and I can not wait to use them! This is my first online win ever! Very exciting!

  3. I have tagged you for "7 things you might not know about me". I was tagged last week and wrote my list (Shallow grapefruit), if you´re interested to check it out.