January 20, 2010

v-day pick: no. 5

{up up creative's 'crazy love card two'}

{up up creative's 'crazy love card six'}

{up up creative's 'crazy love card eight'}

I'm a big fan of Up Up Creative's designs. I purchased one of their modern printable recipe cards last month and it was a such a hit! There's a series of eight in this vein and they're all nothing short of awesome. These cards passed my personal "laugh out loud" test. You know you want read the rest, check them out here.

{images via up up creative}


  1. these are hilarious and adorable! now which one to pick for the hubby-to-be....hmmm.

    thanks for sharing!
    sylvie of silver lining

  2. Oh my stomach hurts I laughed so hard! You always have the best cards to share!

  3. that first one... man oh man i need to get that for my husband-to-be :) but really, only cos it's funny cos it's the perfect card he should get me... i'm a cover stealer ;)

  4. These are so amazing! I completely relate to the first one, ha!

  5. recently discovered your site..so glad to see you're going to be at UniqueLA!