June 29, 2009

laser lust

{vinyl silhouette by sillyette}

{laser engraved dollar bills by scott campbell}

{bookends by david stark}

Last week, I began learning to use a laser cutter and am totally delighted and overwhelmed at the endless possibilities that this new medium presents. I'm working on a small line of laser cut papergoods, that I'm super excited about designing and producing. More on that later, I promise... In the meantime, I thought I'd share some lovely laser cut/engraved pieces that I've seen recently, enjoy!

{vinyl silhouette via toxel, engraved money via divine caroline, bookends via @design_sponge}


  1. check this link out for innovative use of a laser cutter


  2. Oouuu, I love those bookends; so fresh and quirky!

    Its always so exciting teaching yourself a new technique and experimenting with a new medium. I wish you lots of luck with your new laser cutter. I'm sure you're having a blast!