July 2, 2009

{shop} san francisco: the curiousity shoppe

{porcelain keys, designer unknown}

{amazing talking paintings by j. richel}

{apple jackets by jacqueline dufresne}

{porcelain doorstops by armando ramos}

{wallpaper projects by derek fagerstrom & lauren smith}

The Curiousity Shoppe has gotten much love in the blog world and deservedly so, I simply can't help but add some fuel to the fire. They really have the most unique assortment of art and gifts, I challenge you to browse their shop, online or in person, and not buy just a little something. I was especially taken by all the everyday objects reimagined in porcelain. I gained a few additions to my bulging printer's boxes. The owners, and all around craft-tastic couple, Lauren and Derek recently released Wallpaper Projects a must read for design enthusiasts and wallpaper junkies alike.
And the winner of the Gilah Press notebooks set goes to:
Mandy June Stinson

As always, thanks to all that entered! I have several more awesome giveaways lined up for July.

{images by crow & canary}

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