January 25, 2012

viva new york international gift fair

We are beyond thrilled to be making our debut at NYIGF on Sunday! If you'll be at the show be sure to stop by our booth and say hello, we have limited amount of laser engraved "send more letter" pins that we're giving out to friends and VIPs. And most importantly, tons of new product from the likes of Dear Hancock, Enormous Champion, Ghost Academy, Greenwich Letterpress, Red Cap Cards, Sapling Press, Susy Jack* and more!

And one more bit of exciting news -- yesterday my post for the Biz Ladies series on Design*Sponge went live! Take a little gander, if you're so inclined.

{images by crow and canary}


  1. These pins are ADORABLE! Hope you'll have these at NSS too :)

  2. I will be walking the floor for the first time on Monday with Patti from Easton Place Designs. Excited to see your booth!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the send more letters pins! So adorable (and TRUE!)
    Have a great time at NYIGF. And congrats again on the Design*Sponge post!!

  4. woo woo, good luck! and i LOVE my send more letters pin :)

  5. Love those pins! And in fact - I wrote a paper in 7th grade about why we should send more letters. I believe I mentioned things like "You can show your friend your newest color of nail polish in a letter, but you can't do that on the phone!" LOL :)

    1. I will be going for walks the earth for once on Wednesday with Patti from Easton Position Styles. Energized to see your booth!

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  6. OMG!!! Where can I get one of these pins???