January 17, 2011

creative crush: man cards

{army men card}

{foosball card}

{beer for 2 card}

{man card interior}

{back of man card}

As a card rep, one of the constant laments I hear is, "There aren't enough cards that work for guys." Enter Man Cards. This line is the ultimate match for a fine gent that is perusing for the perfect card. That's real duct tape and dymo labeling, my friends. The interior even allows you to check off boxes, if you aren't the wordy type. Just in time for the impending holiday, their Valentine cards are on sale, for a helluva steal!

{all images via man cards}


  1. Totally agree,it's always a problem getting suitable cards for men,especially if they hate golf ( lots of those cards about). These are great!

  2. Swoon. Love these.

    Leigha (your newest follower!)