January 29, 2011

creative crush: little retreats

One of the many things that I learned at Alt Summit is when you combine me with Capree, Amy, Kelly and a photo booth, the funniest most awesome magic happens. I can only imagine if we'd had some of these rad paper props from Little Retreats. Part of me wants to buy some of these just to, well... you know have on hand for impromptu photo shoots. I never miss an opportunity to hop in a photo booth with or without lovely friends.

And the winner of the Pie Bird Press calendar is:

{images via little retreats, found via poppytalk handmade}


  1. I think having a standby collection of props for photos in general is a brilliant idea -- they're just so much fun.

    And yay for the calendar!

  2. I've seen the mustache props used at a wedding before. I thought they were really cute and fun! :)

  3. Um, YES! We totally need these for our next photo booth adventure (and there will be a next one)! I call dibs on the viking beard.

  4. These are SO cute! I love the bowler hat and clown nose from their etsy shop too! Awesome spotlight!

  5. OMG. We need to make these for next year!

  6. Great Idea, would be some fun for a party!