March 19, 2009

looney for LUprints

{'the birds' on white}

{'trembling aspen' tote in black}

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting of Ulla of LUprints at the Portland Gift Show, last May. It was love at first sight after catching a glimpse of her ultra-stylish booth. I ended up buying one of her handy-dandy totes, which I use almost daily. Check out all of her lovely wares, which are 25% off for the month of March.

{photos via LUprints}


  1. Love these! Are they scrunchable? if it can fit in my purse-even better!

  2. Kiertin - They come in a super cute pouch with a matching design, great for throwing in my purse!

  3. these are really cute! Thanks for stopping by for a visit, which led me to this lovely little blog :o)