January 14, 2013

creative crush: macon et lesquoy

I spotted a few of these gorgeous embroidered pins in GREER's web shop earlier this month and fell instantly in love! Macon & Lesquoy is a French design studio that creates unique, embroidered jewelry, brooches and patches. Of course the envelope brooch is currently beckoning me, but I'm equally obsessed with this tiny croissant.

In non-related, but equally exciting, news; I'm delighted to be participating as a panelist in Tradeshow Bootcamp's two day workshop in Los Angeles - it is aptly named PAPER CAMP! Be sure to check out the details if you're a fledgling stationer that has considered exhibiting at a trade show. The information and networking opportunities are invaluable. In fact, take a peek at Claudia of Fig. 2's current blog post - she perfectly sums up the reasons you need to be there!

{images via macon et lesquoy}

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