June 15, 2012

{2012 national stationery show}
'just generally badass' from old sweet song

baseball cards by left field cards
card by one canoe two
calendar by dear hancock
card by two paperdolls
card by blue barnhouse
Ginormous thanks to Amy for putting these posts together this week! I've loved seeing the Stationery Show through her lens. And if you aren't already a mega fan of Old Sweet Song, I urge you to go get lost in Amy's blog this very moment; I promise you won't regret it. I leave you with this classic photo of Amy and me from January. Long live #amyface!
{images by amy ferguson of old sweet song}


  1. My sweet sisterwife Carina. I adore you! Thank yo so much for having me over to your space. And going to NSS was such a cool experience. You are the best, my dear. xoxoxox

  2. I like your blog to! Thanks for sharing with us!