September 13, 2011

custom stationery from dear hancock.

I couldn't possibly be any more pleased with my new custom stationery from Dear Hancock. Gwendolyn and Earnest, the talent behind Dear Hancock, are two of the nicest people I've ever met in the industry and they were kind enough to find time in their busy schedules to paint my desk. They added some C&C cards to "my desk" too which has to be the most perfect touch ever.

If you're having a case of envy, don't fret -- DH offers an entire desk collection to suit many tastes and hobbies. They also offer (impeccable) custom design if you'd like your own desk immortalized in stationery infamy. I highly recommend it!


  1. Thank you Carina. It was so fun working with you and a great honor to paint your desk!! The narrative of you as a stationery rep and referring to the great lines you represent was a blast. Thanks again for everything! x

  2. that is SO awesome! i love it. what a fun idea for business stationery.

  3. so sweet and personal.
    How perfect. xoxo

  4. Love Love Love it! JUst thinking that I really need to clean up my desk....the piles and piles of papers are far from picture perfect!