June 2, 2011

{2011 national stationery show} the sardonic & the silly

{card by flywheel press}

{cards by blue barnhouse}

{card by gilah press}

{cards by old tom foolery}

{cards by paper mill designs}

{card by hard cards}

{card by sapling press}

{card by mcbitterson's}

I have the distinct pleasure of getting to see buyer's reactions to Blue Barnhouse's line of cards on a regular basis. It's pretty entertaining to watch the array of responses, more often than not, the type of laugh that escapes before the person even realizes that they are cackling aloud. That was most definitely me in many of these booths this year, particularly in Old Tom Foolery's booth. Hot damn, do they ever know the perfect combination of wicked wit.

{all photos by crow and canary}


  1. Love Love Love. Especially Joseph and Mary. I think it won the Louis Award, right?

  2. These are awesome. the hashtag one is my fav!