December 7, 2010

foodie cards for thought.

{thank roux very much card}

{holy mole, it's your birthday card}

{lard work card}

I'm quite crazy for this line of cards aptly named, Nourishing Notes. A gourmet pun card, it's as though they have my name written all over them!

And... the announcement of winners for the 'Gratitude Campaign'

- Hammer Press thank you cards go to Hello, I'm Emily Clare
- Ghost Academy thank you cards go to Molly
- Snow & Graham thank you cards go to ktcrusher
- Crow & Canary's assorted thank you cards go to Angel Jacklyn

Thank you for sharing what you're thankful for, it was a pleasure to read every comment!

{images via letterform}

1 comment:

  1. I'm one of those people who stand for hours in the card area of a store in an effort to find the perfect card for someone. Lately, I have been doing some research for card display ideas and now I am spending hours perusing cards on blogs, then clicking to their websites and locating a store in my area to go stand for hours looking at them. So much for technology assisting in time management, hehe. These foodie cards are great! Thanks for sharing.