November 4, 2010

stuck on stickers

I picked up a pack of these precious stickers from Moomah at Lark Press earlier this year. I think they are the bee's knees, hence they are still unopened. As a child of the 80's, I was/am a sticker collector. I still have my original sticker book from 1983. It includes a really creepy oversized Michael Jackson sticker, in case you were wondering.

Fast forward and here I am still unable to use stickers I deem awesome. Hopefully I'll work up the courage to bedazzle one of my next pen pal letters with some of these gems. No promises.

{images via moomah}


  1. Oh, man! I so wish I had my sticker books! My favorites were those liquid stickers that changed colors (not really) when you pushed on them. And Lisa Frank stickers(that's a little embarrassing to admit now).

    I am still a big sticker person too. Why can't I get my girls as excited about them as I am?

  2. love these- perfect for handmade cards. do it.

  3. I'm relieved I'm not the only one who keeps stickers unused :)

    Growing up I'd use one sheet for sharing and keep one intact - now where are they? I'll have to dig through some old boxes ^^