September 4, 2010

back with black (lasercut coolness, that is)

{'health insurance' valentine}

{'obama' valentine}

{'i still know which records are mine' valentine}

{assorted valentines and puppets}

Please accept my humble apologies for taking off the summer and well let's be honest, perhaps most of spring. I've neglected this little blog and am ready to get back on track with sharing my favorite paper finds, stationery shops and whatever else strikes my fancy!

I can't believe I haven't already gushed about Owly Shadow Puppets' line of Valentines and (obviously) shadow puppets. I bought the "You Had Me at Health Insurance" Valentine for my mister from ReForm School on one of my business trips to LA last year. We both think it's the cat's meow! The puppets are pretty amazing too. I just spotted one at the Seattle Art Museum Gift Shop, which reminded me that this unique line would make perfect blog fodder.

{images via owly shadow puppets' etsy}


  1. yay! i met the gal who makes these back home in san francisco and she is as sweet as can be! these have been some favorites of mine for a long time. they're so fun!

    ps - welcome back to blogworld. ;)

  2. Fantastic! Not only amazing artwork but several great messages as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I meant to tell you how effing amazing I think these are! Xoxo

    Cock-a-doo-dee dummy leg.