April 29, 2010

creative crush: daily calligrapher

There's something about the art of calligraphy that's captured my attention from a young age. My grandmother dabbled in it and I remember the joy of watching her address envelopes followed with her signature Fleur-de-Lis wax seal. Currently, I've begun a pen pal correspondence with the lovely and talented Grace Edmands. Her work is exquisite and every time I see her handwriting in my mailbox, I can't help but grin.

The magic of Twitter recently lead me to Daily Calligraphy. Lila shares a range of quotes that she's written in different styles. The quotes are a great mix of hilarious, inspiring, plain silly and of course a few classics thrown in for good measure. She's recently started selling her work in the Daily Calligraphy Etsy shop at very reasonable prices. I had to order two myself, including one of my favorite Martin Luther King quotes above.

In giveaway news, I've been a rather bad blogger and am announcing the Paper Bullet winner a bit later than anticipated.

Congratulations to Piddix, who quite favored the "Kiss Me Over and Over" watercolor. Many thanks to Lisa for sponsoring the giveaway.

{all images via daily calligraphy}


  1. such a good idea! i love the first one! cute blog too :)

  2. My mom does calligraphy for a hobby. She offered to do my wedding invites but when it got to a certain number of guests, she couldn't do so many. How beautiful an invite looks with this!

    I'm sorry we couldn't meet up in LA, i ended up staying for one night and was on the other side of town :(

  3. Love Calligraphy - my mom used to do it as a hobby too. I wish I would have followed suit!

    PS fun giveaway on my blog too :)

  4. I love the mlk quote...really beautiful calligraphy...I'm off to check out her shop.